Scaling the Walls

Scaling the Castle Walls

A lot of people know the metaphor of the Cathedral and the Bazaar created by Eric Raymond in his book "Cathedral and the Bazaar" which is a book full of essays from his hand. Although I like the metaphor, when I try to use is on a higher organization level, It doesn't fit that well anymore. I know and do understand that it's about controlling the software development process of a small organized group (The Cathedral) versus the community of the Bazaar. Both as Free and Open Source Models.

Historically the people running the Cathedral, the Bishops and his priests are part of the society which controls the masses. I am quite sure that Eric Raymond didn't mean the Cathedral as an entity of evil,  nor that he thought that Richard Stallman was a priest. As the Cathedral is the personification of the Free Software Foundations views, then led by Richard Stallman. The Cathedral is a way to describe the development of software by a small group of people, only opening up their source code after they publish it. Still Free and Open Software.  

Historically the people from the Bazaar are some poor buggers, merchants, their clients and the real poor beggars. Again, Eric Raymond didn't mean that the beggars are building the software in an unorganized way, but as a metaphor that the masses are live creating the software where everybody can see and check what's happening. The Bazaar model which really saw the light with the development of the Linux kernel. The Cathedral and the Bazaar is a model meant to talk about software development,

On a Governance level, this metaphor doesn't fit. The Enterprise and Government world are still controlled from the Palaces and Castles, where the people in control of our freedom are hiding and defending their choices with proprietary nonsense. We are still on the Bazaar building our software, often in crappy attics.  

While the Big tech owners and the Wigs are hiding in their palaces and castles behind proprietary walls, the beggars from the Bazaar are at the gates. All kind of developments from the last years, the dominance of Linux in the server and smartphone market, but also the rise of Big Data and Data Science technologies, have put some dents in the Castle Walls.

To change the dominant governance models, education of the people running the Bazaar is needed, and that's where the education of OpenSource Science (OS-SCi) comes in to the picture. Let us train and educate the masses, it's time to scale the walls. 

OpenSource Science B.V. is an educational institute, solely focussing on training Free and Open Source engineers and make them industry ready.

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