Partnering Up

OpenSource Science B.V. Was founded in 2022 to improve the global sustainability of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software). In order to achieve this OS-SCi created a 4 year program in Open Source technologies, which are offered also as a three, two and one year program. In contrast to traditional studies OS-SCi wants it's freshers to be industry ready. To achieve this ambitious goal OS-SCi is continiously enlarging its partner network. Currently OS-SCi has the following partners: 

Workflows is a company with its roots both in Sweden and Brazil. The Free and Open Source Software framework which they offer to the world is primarily used for Data science. Domino is ready to guide multiple students through foss projects. 

Fleetbase is the leading open source developer in the logistics world. From their main office in Singapore they distribute their foss software. Fleetbase is eager to work with all international students from OpenSource Science. 

Nitrokey is a producer of security hardware, like tablets and mobile phones. From their office in Berlin Germany, they offer their product to many international companies which value their security. They have possibilities for students on-line and on location.

Bolgatty is the leading developer in Open Source Car software and AI. Both from their offices in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and Kochin Kerala India they offer a variety of open source services to the world. 

Step!n Solutions is an Ahmedabad India based company offering a variety of Free and Open Source services to the world. 

Linux Professional Institute, is the premiere organization to examine and certificate Linux professionals. OS-SCi is an academic partner of the LPI.

Python Institute, is the official organization to certificate python professionals. OS-SCi is an academic partner of both the Python Institute and OpenEDG.

Masking Technologies, from Noordwijk the Netherlands, is an foss producer of software for future-proofing applications. 

Quividet from Oosterhout the Netherlands is a leading free and open source company solely focussing on cybersecurity. Next to supporting our students, Quividet is helping OS-SCi with the development of the software security specialization.

UBports is a foundation from Berlin Germany, building a secure & private operating system for smartphone's. In the second year of our education, our students are working with Ubports in app development. 

Onestein from Breda the Netherlands is a leading Odoo Community partner and OCA development company. With their Curq SAAS Odoo Community product, they are taking the dutch market by storm.

Smoose from Oosterhout, the Netherlands, is an important foss infrastructure company. 

GitHub Education is the educational part of the well known GitHub. OS-SCi is an academic partner of GitHub education.

UTL, or upgrade to Linux is an organization from the USA which helps organizations and people to step over to Linux environments.

As you can see, a lot of foss companies, projects, communities and foundations are supporting OpenSource Science B.V. with it's mission to help free and open source software become more sustainable. If you think that your foss initiative could also help our students, your clients and/or community, reach out to us by filling in our contact form. 

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