About Us

About Us


OpenSource Science (OS-SCi) is a global pioneer in offering higher education in Free and Open Source (FOSS) computer science. Our mission is to train high-quality IT professionals who can contribute at a high level to any organization, using the best Free and Open Source tools.

OS-SCi focuses on formal adult education in the form of modular, part-time distance learning. Due to the international context of IT and especially FOSS software, we are using English-language online education with at least 25% live video feeds.

Our institution is located in Breda, the Netherlands. Our courses are designed to provide students with the skills, knowledge and experience to succeed in their careers. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced professional, if you want to specialize in Free and Open Source software our program has something to offer you.

A key concept in OS-SCi’s curriculum is the combination of theory courses on the one hand with a student’s portfolio and practical assignments on the other hand. This enables us to test the student’s competencies often. Exams about the theory courses will be taken frequently by external organizations.

We believe that the free software philosophy has the power to transform the world at large, and we are dedicated to advancing this cause. Our students benefit from, and are educated in free and open source software. With our pioneering approach in education, we contribute to the growing impact of free and open source and boost the free software movement. Together with our students, we can achieve great things.


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